Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is a term used to connect all types of coverings that are performed by printing a stamp pattern on colored plastic concrete. Stamped concrete helps extremely skillful imitation of various natural building materials - natural stone, rocks, tiles, wood and others. Stamped concrete technology provides you with a wide selection of colors and prints that can be tailored to the individual taste of each client.
Through technology standard concrete stamped concrete is becoming a unique decorative item.
The main component of concrete is used, which is most commonly used and readily available building material.
Compared with other building techniques, technology of laying stamped concrete allows rapid implementation of flooring and tiling.
These benefits are a prerequisite stamped concrete to become the preferred technique for designers and architects in the design and implementation of alleys, shopping alleys, yards, parking lots, garages, gardens, swimming pools - areas around swimming pools, restaurants, pubs, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc..
be used various methods of treatment and impregnation staining with stamped concrete. Different use acid stains, transparent or integrated dry and liquid colorants, additives and anti-slip mechanical abrasion and many others.
Stamped concrete technology is suitable for the production of:
- stamped concrete flooring;
- Paneling stamped concrete;
- artificial rocks and waterfalls of stamped concrete;

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