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Pools Dalev & Co. Ltd. is distinguished by its functionality, unique design and perfect execution of the technical part. Engineering is performed by highly qualified personnel.

We design pools of all kinds - public pools, hotel pools entertainment, home and specialty pools, and a whole range of equipment is accompanied by a European certificate of quality (ISO2001).

Design of pool

Well designed and maintained pool is basically a place for recreation, games and even sports. It is a place where you gather family and friends or just an attractive destination in the summer heat. Think about who and what targets will use the pool, you will have children who will enjoy it and if there is how big will they be. From the answers to these questions will depend on the shape and depth of the pool. For example, if you use the pool mainly for games well its maximum depth is 1.60 m (pool with the same depth of 1.20 m would be ideal for this purpose). If you will have children using the pool must be made or special, shallow section for them or better distinguish shallow area. In his first meeting with us will be most useful if you have previously considered these issues.

Design Pool

The pool is a significant investment. Parameters of your pool should be considered before choosing the right design. As with any investment, it is better to have more detailed information. Look on the Internet, ask your friends and family what they like at the pool and what not. Look around your yard and ideas of what is needed there. Designers Dalev Co., Ltd. are specialists and important part of their job is to help you plan a pool that would be most appropriate for you.

Equipment pools

Dalev Co., Ltd. is a major importer of systems and equipment locations for pools: - pumps, filters, multiple outfits, electric outfits, disinfection of water, chemicals, paint testing, accessories and pool cleaning robots (maytronics), heating systems , water slides, winter covers, cranes, kolondri, PVC fitting, massage accessories, decorative fountains and pools.

Our partners are: Sicce - Italy and Oase - Germany

Water filtration for ponds and fountains

We offer a wide variety of filter systems for water from the dirt. For prevention of microorganisms, bacteria and algae recommending the use of chemicals. We offer regular maintenance of the pool (individual scheme or standard - once a week), testing of the water supply and chemical treatment. Convenience created using a unique computer system for the control of water in real time, called e-pool. It monitors water parameters and automatically dosed preparations.

Seasonal maintenance for pools and fountains

Before the season for active use of the pool and at the end of the season Dalev Co., Ltd. A range of activities to keep water facility and enjoy it for many years. Preparing for winter conditions include:
- Stopping water pool;
- Drain the water from the pool to a certain level;
- Emptying and careful cleaning of filters and pipes;
- Removal of additional equipment pool - ladders, handrails, etc. .;
- Putting boats skimming the linear expansion of ice;
- Putting chemicals against algae, microorganisms and water softeners.
There are several activities that will protect your pool during the winter, but this will only add installation of winter cover. It is made of strong PVC material, reinforced with fibronishki. It is resistant to temperature changes and UV rays. Except that it will protect your pool liner will be a preventive measure for the fall of the children and pets in the pool. Preseason consists of removing the winter cover, drain the water from the pool cleaning jets of water and chemicals, testing the condition of the pool and lighting assembly of the filter system and the installation of chlorine dispensers, filling the pool and placing ladders and trampolines others equipment pool.